Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ever heard about locust? Have any idea on what it looks like? No…, let me help you on that. First let me ask do you know what is a grasshopper? Hmm maybe a picture could help on explaining what it is. For those who do not know what a grasshopper looks like then this may help you.

That is a grasshopper, but we are not discussing on the grasshopper, we are focusing on the locust. But why do I showed to you grasshopper instead of a locust? Let me make it clear. Actually locust and grasshopper are almost similar. Don’t believe it, well believe it. Let me show you, it is almost the same is it not. Although they may look the same but there are a major difference between them. For your information grassh

opper remains the same behavior and color regardless on the situation around it. But locust can change. It can change from solitude and non aggressive insect into a ferocious eater.

What does it eat? It is a vegetarian. Plant especially green ones is it favorites. It changes because of food. When it is the dry season and the amount of food decrease, the locust will change and join the others to form a swarm of locusts. There is a name for this

changes and it is called gregarious. They will fly from one place to another to find food. When this time occurs, farmers are the one that will be in a terrible concern because their crops will be the target. The swarm will eat almost anything and left the farmers with a great despair.

These locusts will change back into solitary form when there is no more food too consumes and the rainy season comes.

In this form they will be as much likely as their fellow siblings the grasshoppers. They w

ill be gentle and their color will be almost the same as their surroundings in order to stay in solitude.

Well that is generally about the locust. Actually there is more information from where they came from. Where they came from? Where else, of course the knowledge I shared I took it from a book. The title of this book is “Locus

ts: Insect on the move”. The writer is ‘Sandra Markle’. It is a simple book that is full of simple yet useful information. You can find out almost everything about locust such as their anatomy, how they breed, how they change, what is their special traits, and much more. Have a peek on it. Wise man says, “A little reading would not hurt”. Do not ask me who this wise man is. I am not that wise to know.