Thursday, December 31, 2009

Honey.... Bee.....

Honey, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind that represents it?

Sweet (Honey)...?




Well I think all of the above. Actually when we relate them, they are all connected to each other. Let us put it this way,

"There is no Bee without the Honey"
"There is no Honey without the Nectar"
"There is no Nectar without the Flower"

Isn't it beautiful, the cycle of the nature? They are all related to each other harmonically. But the main character in this cycle is still the Bee or Honey Bee. Have you ever imagine what is it like the life of the bee? Let me tell you what I know about this little creature.

These little things live in a place call the ‘Hive’. They live in huge community that consists of not only one hundreds or one thousands but a few hundred thousand of them. In this colony there is only one queen, a few princesses, nurse bees, eggs, and worker bees. Majority of the bees in one hive are the worker bees. You must be wondering why there are so many princesses but only one queen. Erm ,that is the unique thing about this 'apinae'. There can only be one queen in a single hive. In this bee community only the strongest or the fastest can become the queen.

The other princesses will be killed by the one princess that successfully becomes the queen. Cruel? Yes, but that is how it works. Although the queen is the leader in this colony, she does not give any orders to the other bees. It as if the other bees already knew what they have to do. The worker bees collect nectar for honey, the nurse bees taking care of the eggs, and the princesses will take care of the queen. The most amazing thing about these bees is that their loyalty. They will sacrifice everything including their live as long as the queen lives on. This is because only the queen can lay eggs and produce the future colony.

A unique and mysterious thing that you can see regarding these bees is their hive. If you cut the hive into two, you can see the inside structure of the hive consist of a combination of small hexagon shape holes. These shapes are almost symmetrical and the same size as if they were built by a professional architect.

How they do it is a mystery isn't it? Well you can solve the mystery by doing some research on the bees yourself. That is all that I can tell you. The knowledge I shared I got it from a book. This book tells about the beginning of the bee colony, how they reproduce, how they collect the nectar and turn it into honey, what is their way of living, and how the unique hexagon shape being built.

The title of the book is "The Life OF The Bee" written by 'Maurice Maeterlinck'
If you are interested in knowing more about the bee, then I recommend to you to read this book.
But to have a better understanding on this book you need to read it carefully because the writer did not wrote it as simple as we watch the documentary. The writer likes to elaborate deeply. The writer wrote it base on the experience gained by studying the bee itself.
As for your information I myself have to read the book twice to get a better understanding. The English language level that the writer used is quite high but it is not that poetic or something. It is just that the term makes you feel that you need a dictionary


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Great Ulama' in Islam's History

Ulama' or scholar is the most important person in Islam history. They not only expert in Islamic knowledge such as fiqh, Al-quran, hadith, and tauhid. but they also master in modern knowledge such as science, mathematics, physique, and chemistry.

How many Ulama' do we know? As for me, I only know a few such as Imam Syafie, Imam Ghazali, Imam Malik, and Imam Hanbali. But that have changed after I read this great book which documenting almost all of the infamous Ulama' in Islam history. This is the book that I have just read. It is "Lembaran Hidup Ulama':warisan ilmuwan Islam". The author of this book is 'Muhammad Abdulloh Suradi'.

This book is good if you want to know the names of all the Ulama'. It contains about 35 great Ulama'. All of them have their own specialty and contribution through out Islamic region. They have different kind of background and come from different places in the world.

This book explain on how they become the great Ulama' and almost all of them have their own view on the knowledge they obtained. These views were compiled into a book so that people can benefit from them. Example of these books are:

  1. Al-Muwatta'-Imam Malik
  2. Ar-Risalah-Imam Syafie
  3. Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal-Imam Hanbali
  4. Kashf Al-Litham-Haji Sulong Al-Fatani

These books are the Masterpiece created by the Ulama'. It helps us to learn from them indirectly because these books will last from one generation to the other.

One thing I noticed from this "Lembaran Hidup Ulama" book is that, it is not too detail on the Ulama' background history. It just give us an Idea on who are the Ulama' and a little bit on their background and contribution. But still it is the best book for us to learn or know the names of the Ulama' in Islam history and their contribution in the name of Islam and Allah The Almighty.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Palestin.. war....terror.....sorrow......children.....cruelty

War.... do war bring any good? Well I should say mostly not. As a homo sapiens(human being) we all wish to live happily and peacefully. Maybe we are living in a peaceful country with a happy live and surrounded by the love ones. But do we ever think about those that are unfortunate, those who are suffering from war, those who lost their place to call 'home sweet home', and those who are struggling to survive in their own country.

Hmm I wonder how many of us that have a thoughtful mind about them? As a fellow Muslim, I feel sad and full of anger when other Muslim country being attacked and its people being killed especially the woman and children.

Palestin.... yes that is the name of that country. For such a long time this Muslim country has been attacked, its people being killed, their land being stolen in front of their eyes, and they have become a refugee in their own country. Terrible... sorrow.....cruelty.

For those who does not know what happen to this country, there is a good book for it. The book explained everything about war in Palestin. The title of this book is "Palestin Tak Pernah Gentar".

This book tells about how the war started and why it is being attacked by Zionis. It uncover all the history of these two races and religion and why Zionis is very cruel.

There are also ideas and ways on how that we as a fellow Muslim can help this poor country and its people in order to achieve peaceful, and how to fight against the war with cruel nation such as Zionis.

I personally suggest all fellow Muslim to help and be as one to cater this problem. This book will helps us understand and know all the things that have been kept secret from us. Unite for Islam... Takbir.....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Novel in my life..

I never thought that I will read a novel in my life. Well I never thought that reading going to be my hobby either. Before I turn my life into reading, for me novel is not a knowledgeable book. But all of that assumption gone when I read this book. The title of this book is "VT".

What is "VT" stands for? It stands for Volleyball Team. The writer of this motivational novel is the bright and humble writer name 'Hilal Asyraf'' .

When we talk about motivation, it must be something positive that can pull us out from a slump of negativity. Reading this book make oneself realised that nothing in this world is impossible once they believe, work hard, and finally give in to fate.

This book is about a volleyball team of the Islamic background school known as MATRI. It is how one teacher that is smart and highly motivated turned a group of students that is full of personal problems, low discipline, and irrespectively to others into a better person.

They work hard to achieve their goal which is to be the best and show others that Islam is great.

This novel also proof that you cannot live on your own in this vast world. But you need to have each other and be together in order to be the best. That is not all, this novel thought me and made me realised that although you are the best, you are still the worst if you are ungrateful to the one that give all of that to you which is the almighty 'Allah'.

I recommend that those who feel unmotivated to read this novel and you will not regret it.

My first book

Remember the books that I have told you guys in the Introduction? Well this is my first review of the books. I choose to give a review about this book because it is the first book that I have ever finished reading.

It is in Bahasa Malaysia. I know.... you guys must be thinking that why do I give a review on Bahasa Malaysia book. Well, I may be writing this blog in English but it does not mean that I have to give a review only on English books. For your information I will give reviews on any books that I read either in Bahasa Malaysia or in English...

Ok let us continue... The title of the book is "Benarkah Iskandar Bukan Zulkarnain"

As you can see in the image the writer is Afareez Abd Razak Al-Hafiz. The moment I set my eyes on this book it give me the urge of reading it. Maybe because Iskandar is quite similar if we pronounce it with my name Esqandar.

This book is mainly discussing about whether 'Iskandar' also known as 'Alexander' or 'Alexander the great' is the same person as 'Zulqarnain' or also known to us as 'Iskandar Zulqarnain'.

What is amazing about this book that when you start reading it you will never want to stop. The way the writer sort the content is very intelligent because it start from the root until the end of this warrior bloodline.

I mean from the root is that, the story begins from our first prophet which is Adam up until the warrior him self. It has almost every proof that said 'Iskandar' is not the same guy as 'Zulqarnain'.

It is also has some image on the writer's journey and places he have been visited in order to search for the truth.

It is a worthy book to read and it will help us to clear all the thought on whether Alexander the great is the same guy as the one who his name is stated in the holy Quran, 'Zulqarnain'.


Assalamualaikum.... and a very pleasant day to all readers that are kind enough to visit my blog.
I am new in this field.. and it is quite awkward for me to start this blog.

Well actually the idea for starting to write this blog come from my new year inspiration. It took me a while to figure out what is the best new hobby for me or should I say the only hobby for me to start on.

After doing some thinking and wondering I have figured out that, what if I start reading something. Hmm reading..... well that's it. That is my new hobby reading books.

That is a big inspiration for me because considering my past with books. What is it? Actually I used to hate reading. Reading is like a sleeping pill for me, Once touching the book my eyes start to get heavy. The most I can read is one whole page. The rest I continue in the dream world, if you get what I mean.

But guest what? .......

Yes , reading is like an energy for me now. After realizing that I have read a few books and enjoyed all of them.

That's when I end up in writing this blog. Yes you are right if you guest that this blog is where I share my knowledge and review about the book that I have read.

Hope you guys can obtained something from what I will publish here. Feel free to give your comments, because it will surely improve my writing.. Looking forward....

*Note: I am not that good in English command but I hope by writing this blog in English can help me to improve it.