Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gog and Magog

Have you ever heard of Gog and Magog? Well maybe yes and maybe no. Actually if I say Yakjuj and Makjuj I am sure that most of us have heard of them. Their name is stated in AL-Quran(Al-Kahfi verse 83-89). They are the barbaric group of people that love to destroy life.

Their stories not only told in Quran, but mentioned in the Book of Genesis, Book of Ezekiel, and Book of Revelation. They have caused catastrophe and destruction for two times in history and will once again rise to bring misery to all population. When that time comes it will be one of the big sign stated in Quran that will mean the apocalypse or the end of days has come.

Who is this barbaric creature? Is it animal, monster, or human? Well actually in history has stated that they are human. But if they are human why are they so cruel and want to destroy human kind? If they are human what is their origin or who are they? And if they are human why cannot we fight them? To share that knowledge and to answer that question will take me a lot of pages, but I can tell you one thing for sure. This kind of history always has a reference. It is up to us to look for it. But I can give a suggestion on the book that I have recently read. It is a good book.

The title of this book is”Yakjuj ad Makjuj:Bencana disebalik gunung”. The author of this book is ‘Muhammad Alexander’. The author took all the info from all the books that I mentioned above in paragraph 1, including Al-Quran and tells the history of this race called Yakjuj and Makjuj accordingly. He even states the content of each book so that we can compare them our self. He even gave the proper timeline table for us to check from where it is all started. It is a book worth reading


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anger management….

Why do we feel anger? How can we be angry? Does it ever occur in our mind that words are the source of our anger? Well guess what, it is. We will feel anger rises in our blood when we hear impolite or harsh words from other people. Imagine that if we are deaf and of course cannot hear anything rather than just movements. We will not feel angry or disturbed by all the words that come out of other people mouth because we can hear nothing. It is most unlikely for us to be angry by just seeing someone in front of us doing nothing besides moving lips. That is why words are the main generator for anger and conflict.

So how can we solve this problem and manage our anger? The key to that is to understand words properly. To do this we have to use our mind which is by think before we act. All the words that we hear contain no meaning. The meaning come after we interpreted the words by using our brain. By interpretation only then we can act whether the words are rude or appropriate.

Sometimes people say harsh words unintentionally. Maybe they say it out of their emotional condition that they had such as depression, stress, and etc. So if we take the words from them directly and act improperly wouldn't it will give a way to a more complicated conflict. That is why we have to be smart in taking the words from others by translating it to a positive way.

That is a little tips from me in how to control or manage our anger. Again those tips are not solely from me. The knowledge I shared I took it from a book. It is a simple 26 pages book or should I say EBook. The title of this book is “Understanding Words, An End to Anger & Conflict”. It was written by ‘David Samuel’. It is a simple book and easy to understand because the approach that he writer made is straight forward and also there are a few exercises for the reader to practice in order to mange anger efficiently. I admit the exercise looks very easy but it take some time for us to really grab or apply it in order to control our anger. As the writer said it needs practice to get what actually the exercise meant. Once we get used to the skill it will be no problem for us. In fact it will decrease our anger by 50%. Try it and feel the ease of life without anger.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


As a Muslim solat(prayer) is a must for us in everyday’s life. In a day we must say prayer five times starting from fajr,Dhuhr,Asr,Maghrib,and Isha'. There are many benefits in performing the prayer. Beside showing our humble and gratitude to Allah, solat also is a form of exercise.

Movements in solat have a certain meaning to our body. By saying our prayer we can exercise our muscles and bones especially the backbone. Every movement we make in saying the prayer contribute something such as when we stand still our backbone can be trained to be straight and this may avoid it from bending forward and creating a hump on our back.

When we bend down for ruku' our hand muscle being train to withstand the weight of or body and our backbone also will be in a straight condition. When our backbone is straight, automatically our ribs will be open wide and it will make us breath smoothly because there is no blockade on our lungs.

When we breathe freely and fully the amount of oxygen that enters our body will be more. With the huge amount of oxygen will make the blood carry a lot of oxygen throughout our body and to the brain. Brain with a full oxygenated blood will make a better performance in helping us to think brilliantly.
That is the beautiful secret in solat that we may not aware of. Keeping our solat perfect for five times a day may avoid us to spend more time in normal exercises.

Again the knowledge I shared I learn it from a book. The title of this book is “Kuasa Di Sebalik Solat(The Power Of Solat)” It was written by ‘Syaikh Jalal Muhammad Syaffi’ and translated to bahasa melayu by ‘Norhasanuddin’. This book tells all the power within the solat. Every movement has its own secret and benefit for us. By reading this book will make us realized that solat is not just an empty movement besides performing our humble and gratitude to Allah. Islam is beautiful and Allah is fair. ‘He’ will not make us do something that will give harm but ‘He’ makes us do something for greatness because Allah is great

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Liar…. liar…. That is what you are…..

Telling the truth is not always easy. No matter what is your age or gender telling lies is somewhat easy to do rather than telling the truth. Sometimes when you are very used to lying, almost all of the time you will tell lies. Some of us even use this so called talent of lying to con on other people and gain profit.

Why do people lie?

Besides lying is their profession, people sometimes had to lie. We lied to protect something or someone, we lied to keep a secret that is very dear to us, we lied to get something, and etc. In short, lying is inevitable for all of us.

Catching people lying is quite difficult if we do not have the skill or knowledge to do so. This knowledge is very essential for us because it will help us deal with people around us accordingly. Lying is a wrong thing and when we do wrong things we will not feel calm. Actually that is how we can spot whether someone is telling the truth or lie.

We can spot someone telling lies by observing their behavior. Usually to really know someone behavior, we have to know them closely such as our siblings, spouse, parents, children, and closest friends. This is because we are used to them and if they act suspiciously we will notice easily. But we also able to notice someone else behavior if we know a little bit about their background. After knowing their background, all we have to do is approach them with proper question so that we can trap them if they are telling lies.

Some of the aspects to detect a liar are:

1) Know their background
2) Ask a few test questions to see whether they are telling the truth or telling lies.
3) See their body language such as facial expression, tone of voice, and movements

Well that is a little knowledge of spotting a liar that I can share with you. Again, the knowledge I shared I get it from a book. This book is written by ‘Gregory Hartley’ and ‘Maryann Karinch’. Gregory Hartley is an expert as an interrogator in the United States Army. He wrote this book base on the experience he had during the army and as a consultant. The title of this book is “How to spot a liar”. This book explains a step by step procedure in order to detect a liar and protecting our self from being exposed if we are lying. It is like a two way secret. Although most of the procedures are almost like an interrogation session but it also thought us how to apply it in everyday life.

If you feel that you want to know the truth from someone then this book is the most suitable source of reference. It also includes some practice for us to do if we want to understand better. Once we know the trick, we can easily apply it in business such as with our boss and co-workers, apply it in the job interview, and use it to love ones and anyone that we might want to get the truth from.