Monday, March 29, 2010

The Miracle of Creation in Plants

hat is the purpose Allah makes the plants? Actually without the plants, we and any other being that rely on oxygen for breathing will have a difficulty in living. Plants are a major producer of oxygen. We and the plants need each other in order to survive. Why is that? It is because plants take in carbon dioxide and release out oxygen while human breath in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.

To tell a story about plants let me start with how are their reproductive system works. Plants have the most effective reproductive system compared to other being. Some of them can easily multiply by having its stalk cut and placed in the ground. Some of them just use the insect and birds as their reproduction agent. For example most of the flowers that can produce nectar will spread their pollen to the bees or butterflies. This way the male pollen can be transferred to the female flower for reproduction.

Now let me tell you how the plants make their food. Plants obtain or produce their food by themselves. The process of producing food by plants is call photosynthesis. The processes occur in the leaf of the plant. Main ingredient to make their food is the sun, nutrition from the soil, water, and last but not least carbon dioxide. It is during this photosynthesis process that the releases of oxygen occur.

You must be asking how it is possible for the leaves to absorb nutrient from the soil. Well it not. It is the root that absorbs the nutrient from the soil along with the water. In a plant there is a pumping system that is sufficient enough to pump the water that is full with nutrient from the soil and spread it through out the entire plant including the leaves.

Isn’t it a miracle that Allah created plants in this world? It is certainly is. I found it interesting the way the writer wrote about this topic. Yes, the knowledge I shared I got it from a book. The writer of this book is ‘HarunYahya’. The title of this book is “The Miracle of Creation in Plants”. If you have read my previous book reviews you must already knew that this writer always write books to oppose the theory of evolution, which includes this book. At the last chapter of the book you guys will have an expose on why the theory of evolution is just a theory that was made by the man who act like a god, the man who believe that everything was not created but an evolution, and the man who have no faith in God. This man is no one but only Charles Darwin.

Happy reading and increase you knowledge, Assalamualaikum.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Learn & Remember

Brain is a super computer for us. This will only be true when we know how the brain operates. If we know the skill to utilize our brain effectively, we can make everything we learn stays in our memory for a long time.

Actually we started to learn since we were in the womb. While in the womb, fetuses can hear everything that is going on outside of it. Besides that, it also able to learn and remember what it hears. For example, baby recognizes the voice of his/her mother. That is why newborns will stop crying when they hear their mother’s voice.

The other ultimate prove that makes our brain a super computer is our ability to learn and remember language. We learn how to talk by listening to other people talking around us. That is why our mother tongue or the language we speak depends on the community that we were raised by.

One way to learn and remember longer is to practice the thing we learn again and again. Same as language, we speak the same language almost every minute of our life. That is why we never forget what words to say.

Besides practice we must have a great focus on the things that we want to learn. Without focus all that we learn will be a short termed memory. For example when ask someone for about his or her phone number, we only remember the number temporarily if we do not take note of it. This is because there is no focus in remembering it. We just use it to call at that certain time only.

There are many other ways that we can do to be able to remember all that we have learned. There is this one book that I have read recently which is, “Learn Faster & Remember More” written by ‘David Gamon, PH.D & Allen D. Bragdon’. In this book we can find out when we first start learning and remembering. It also tells us that when we were young the brain is at its most efficient state and it will deteriorate when we get older. To get to know how to learn faster and remember it, this book is the best source or should I say the best starter for us to read.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Spider is a unique creature. The most special trait about the spider is its ability to produce silk thread to build its web. Yet another proves that the theory of evolution that was brought up by Charles Darwin is a total lie.

Do you know that this eight legged creature can produce six types of silk thread that can be combine to make something useful for them? Amazing right? These threads are produce by six different glands in the spider body. Let me list out the types of threads:

1) The thread of the tear-resistant cocoon outer layer
2) The elastic sticky thread of the capturing spiral
3) The less elastic spiral thread the spider walks on

4) The less elastic, almost rigid thread which makes up the frame of the web

5) The thread of the tear-resistant cocoon inner layer

6) The soft thread used for wrapping eggs and prey

With all of the different types of silk the spider can use them to build a trap to capture its food. This trap is the well known spider web. The thread produce by the spider is so thin that it only has a diameter of less than one thousandth of a millimeter. It is even five time stronger than a steel thread of the same dimensions. Furthermore it is very elastic and can stretch up to four times its own length. It is so amazing and no power in the universe able to make that besides Allah the All mighty.

Interesting is it not? Well you guys can read it all in this one book "The Miracle in the Spider" written by the well known author Harun Yahya’. In the conclusion part of the book you guys can even read brief information of the unaccepted theory, the theory of evolution. Enjoy your day and happy reading.

*Note: pictures were taken from the web.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Be Distinguished

Today, being the best is not that simple. Even though we have a good result in academic does not mean that we can be the best. Maybe we can be the best now but it will not remain the same if we do not change our self. That is why to remain the best and be on the top we need to be distinguished. How do we do that? How can we always be the best? Well I am going to share with you guys what have I just learned recently from reading one motivational book. This book is called "25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself” the author is ‘Rajesh Setty'. Yes, there are 25 ways to be distinguished. I will pick some of them to share with you guys.

Let start with ‘Build a strong relationship’. Relationship is very important in our everyday life. Building a relationship is not a short time process. Everybody starts their relationship with 0%. Slowly when time past by the relationship will increase up to 100%. If we have a good relationship with others, it will help us to improve in our work because it makes things easier.

Second, ‘Dream Big’. We must have a dream in our life and career. When we have a dream we will do as best as possible to achieve it. Without a dream we have nothing to make as a booster to improve our self. Every successful people dream of something big, for example the idea of making a plane. It started with someone dream of flying. That dream has become a reality at the end. So dream big and turn it into reality.

The third way is my personal favorite, ‘Be a reader’. There are a lot we can achieve by reading. Even many successful people love reading. Reading can make us learn on other people secret of success. Even to distinguish yourself you have to read this book. So be a reader and be distinguished.

The last but not least is ‘Get back on your feet fast’. To be the best you will experience the time of falling. Yes failure will occur to anyone. What counts is not how many times we failed, but how well we can handle that failure. If we fall we must stand up fast. This way will help us to end everything that start. That is how we achieve our dream.

I am afraid I can only share four of the tips with you guys. This is because I want you to find an effort to read the book yourself. I think that is a good starter to be distinguished. Well, happy reading and put our self on top.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Historical Lie

I think most of us have heard about the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. It is the theory made by Darwin and it is called the theory of evolution. In his theory Darwin said that human are the evolution of its ancestor the ape. In this evolution the human start from the Stone Age which is the era that only stone tools were used and human shelter is the cave. Then human gained evolution and knowledge to use the bronze and iron. That is when the Bronze Age and Iron Age came. The irony thing about this theory is there is no solid evidence what so ever that can support it. Thus, there are still many scientists that believe in it.

As a Muslim, we all knew that Human was not from an evolution of an animal such as the ape. Human was created by Allah the Almighty. There are also proves that humans were not living in primitive way of life. Archaeologist have found many artifacts from thousands of years ago that tells humans were living as the way we are now. As soon as human was created, Allah has thought us how to live and how to talk.

Darwinism dogma is not acceptable at all. All the history that was brought by this evolution theory is a total lie and will jeopardizes our faith. So as a Muslim we must be aware of this twisted agenda and get to know the truth to set things right. I have just read a good book that will give us an insight of what is this evolution theory and what is the real history of human civilization.

The title of this book is “A Historical Lie: The Stone Age “it was written by the infamous author, ‘Harun Yahya’. In this book there are many archeology findings that will give us the idea on how our ancestor or human before of our era have lived. In this book there is a findings on the ancient Egypt on how they can manage to build a great monument that is still standing until today which is The Great Pyramid. That is the great prove that human does not live in a primitive way as suggested by Darwin with his theory of evolution. To know more you guys have to read. Again a good knowledge we can get it from a book.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Human Body

his time I would like to share something interesting with all of you. It is about our body. Yes, human body. How much do we know about our own body? What are the main parts in our body? How our bodies function? It will be expose right here. But of course it is not very detail. I will only share enough for you guys to get an Idea.
First, let us start with the introduction which is the body system. Body system are made from tiny little thing called cells. One cell is only 0.011 inches across. There are about 10 trillion cells in the body. There are different kinds of cells such as nerve cells and muscle cell. From these cells formed a tissue, which is called the muscle and nerve tissue. Two or more of these tissues will create an organ like the brain, stomach, or kidney. They will work together as a complete body system. The body system consist of integument, muscular, skeletal, nervous, sensory, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, reproductive, hormonal, lymphatic, and immune system.

Let us proceed to the largest organ that human has. Can you guess what is it? It is the skin.
It is the largest because an average adult skin can cover a single size bed. In the surface as we can see the skin is actually dead. It is underneath the skin that is alive. The skin replaces itself every month. From the skin we get the sense of touch. This is because there are touch sensor underneath it.

After the skin, there is our hair and nails. Hair and nails also the same as the skin. The outer layer is dead but underneath is alive. Hairs grow almost all part of our skin except palms, the palm sides of your fingers, and the soles of your feet.

Movement that we made every single minute is mostly done by the muscles. Without the muscle we cannot move freely. Half of our body weight is contributed by our muscles.

The muscles cover the main structure of human body which is the skeleton. Do you know that in us there are 206 pieces of bones forming the skeleton? That is a lot right. These bones are join by the muscles.

Our movement is control by the nervous system. What is the nervous system? The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves.The system works by sending tiny electrical signals, called nerve impulses. This what determine the response such as pain to the brain to be processed and respond.

The super computer in human body is the brain. It contains 100 billion nerve cells called neurons.If this part of human body is dead. The human itself is as good as dead.

Next part in human which is important is the eyes without them the world is black. The eyes is the mechanism that will capture the image we see and will be sent to the brain to analyse the image. the eyes really not see what we see. Its the capturing tool. The function of the eyes is the same as the camera lens that will only capture rays of light. the image will be build by the brain.

To obtain balance human need the ears. With the ears we can not just hear but it will give us the sense of balance. This is because in the ears there are hair cells that produce nerve signal to inform the body about the gravity and give us balancing response.

Well that is as far as i could share with you because there are longer list than that. I will tell you the list but to get to know it further you guys need to read the book yourself. Here are the list that are not included in my discussion:

- Nose and tongue
- Teeth and Jaw
- Lungs and breathing
- Heart
- Circulatory system
- Blood
- Digestion
- Liver and pancreas
- Kidneys
- Genes
- Reproduction
- Stages of life
- Hormones
- Lymph and immune system

You can continue to obtain the knowledge on human body by reading this book "Just The Fact:Human Body" it was publish for especially for school studies.

*Note: some of the picture were taken from the book.


Hybrid is something that is a combination of two or more original source, as for an example hybrid car. Why does it called hybrid car? This is because it is a combination of electrical car and common car which is the car using oil or gasoline as its fuel. Hybrid car was first known created by the famous Austrian car designer Ferdinand Porsche in 1900.

There are two types of hybrid car. The first one is a mild type which is the electric motor only assists the gasoline engine to drive the car. The second one is the full type which is the electric motor itself drive the car. Hybrid cars have two design types which are the series and parallel. In series design type the gasoline engine is used to genera

te electricity while the electric motor drives the car. In parallel hybrid both the gasoline and electric motor drives the wheels.

Hybrid car is very expensive because it has a combination of two technologies and the demand for it is not high. Although it is expensive it is a very environmental friendly car. It can be a solution to cater the global warming scenario that cause by using conventional car which release green house gas to the air.

Well that is a little bit of an introduction of the hybrid car. To know more about its technology and its advantages there is one book you can look into. Anyway book is a good source of knowledge. The title of the book is “How Do Hybrid Cars Work”. The author is ‘Richard Hantula’. It is a simple yet informative reading material. Yo can even get it in Ebook version via the net.

*Note: some of the picture were taken from the book.