Monday, March 29, 2010

The Miracle of Creation in Plants

hat is the purpose Allah makes the plants? Actually without the plants, we and any other being that rely on oxygen for breathing will have a difficulty in living. Plants are a major producer of oxygen. We and the plants need each other in order to survive. Why is that? It is because plants take in carbon dioxide and release out oxygen while human breath in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.

To tell a story about plants let me start with how are their reproductive system works. Plants have the most effective reproductive system compared to other being. Some of them can easily multiply by having its stalk cut and placed in the ground. Some of them just use the insect and birds as their reproduction agent. For example most of the flowers that can produce nectar will spread their pollen to the bees or butterflies. This way the male pollen can be transferred to the female flower for reproduction.

Now let me tell you how the plants make their food. Plants obtain or produce their food by themselves. The process of producing food by plants is call photosynthesis. The processes occur in the leaf of the plant. Main ingredient to make their food is the sun, nutrition from the soil, water, and last but not least carbon dioxide. It is during this photosynthesis process that the releases of oxygen occur.

You must be asking how it is possible for the leaves to absorb nutrient from the soil. Well it not. It is the root that absorbs the nutrient from the soil along with the water. In a plant there is a pumping system that is sufficient enough to pump the water that is full with nutrient from the soil and spread it through out the entire plant including the leaves.

Isn’t it a miracle that Allah created plants in this world? It is certainly is. I found it interesting the way the writer wrote about this topic. Yes, the knowledge I shared I got it from a book. The writer of this book is ‘HarunYahya’. The title of this book is “The Miracle of Creation in Plants”. If you have read my previous book reviews you must already knew that this writer always write books to oppose the theory of evolution, which includes this book. At the last chapter of the book you guys will have an expose on why the theory of evolution is just a theory that was made by the man who act like a god, the man who believe that everything was not created but an evolution, and the man who have no faith in God. This man is no one but only Charles Darwin.

Happy reading and increase you knowledge, Assalamualaikum.


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